Our Staff

General Manager

Jennifer Maier
General Manager

Jennifer Maier, recently promoted to water system manager for Notla Water Authority, has been with the company for over 16 years. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Science from Young Harris College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of North Georgia, both of which were obtained on a full academic scholarship. Jennifer started her career with Notla Water at the Water Treatment Facility on Hwy. 325. Within five years, she was promoted to Plant Manager and continued in that capacity for 11 years. During that time, Jennifer started up the Drinking Water Laboratory for Notla Water, located adjacent to the Water Treatment Plant. With her specialized background in laboratory analysis, Jennifer handles all the compliance sampling and testing required by both the state and federal regulatory agencies. As water system manger, Jennifer oversees all aspects of the water system and works diligently with Board of Directors to catapult Notla Water Authority from a small town utility to one of the largest rural water systems in the State of Georgia.

Office Staff

Brenda Harwood
Office Supervisor

Brenda Harwood has been the backbone of the Notla Water office since 1999 and has seen many changes within our company, especially the billing system evolution. Brenda can recall the days before the “Smart” Radio-Read Meters when our distribution staff had to physically drive around the county getting meter readings; those of which she had to manually input into the system. She would then have to print out thousands of billing cards and personally spend hours tearing each individual one apart in preparation for mailing. Now, Brenda operates a state-of-the-art software program that has efficiently automated the billing system. As office supervisor, Brenda oversees the monthly billing process and skillfully maintains customer accounts. She is also our resident hen-mother, consistently caring for all of our employees’ needs, in addition to handling the administrative needs of the office, which are too numerous to count.

Ramona Driskell
Customer Accounts Specialist

Ramona Driskell has been with Notla Water since 2008, she is our customer accounts specialist. She is the first to welcome new members when opening up an account with Notla Water. She diligently handles all aspect of account management in addition to daily revenue collections and assists with the day to day operations of the water office. Ramona is also cross trained as bookkeeper and assists the finance office when needed.

Rose Panter

 Rose Panter  joined our team in January 2019, we are happy to have her on board. As our finance officer, Rose handles all of Notla Water’s bookkeeping responsibilities, including budget and bank reconciliations, payroll, audit preparation and insurance. She also assists with  all aspect of our Human Resources departmental needs.

Drinking Water Lab

Jennifer Maier
Laboratory Supervisor

As Laboratory Supervisor, Andrew Sims oversees the operations of Notla Water’s Drinking Water Lab. With his specialized background in laboratory analysis, he handles all of the State compliance sampling events as well as the Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QC/QA) program.

Randy Warne, Jennifer Maier, Jason Maier, and Frank Nichols  – Lab Analysts

All these employees are cross-trained in the drinking water laboratory and water treatment plant.  They help out wherever and whenever the need arises.  We truly have a talented team!


Treatment Facility

Jason Maier
Field Services Coordinator

Jason is our resident coordinator out in the field. He handles all aspects of our groundwater wells and assists with all on-going expansion projects. Jason is cross-trained and certified in both the Lab as well as the WTP. As a State certified backflow device tester, Jason maintains our cross-connection program.


Frank Nichols – Water Operator

With nearly 16 years of water treatment experience, Frank is a valuable member of the treatment team as a State-certified water plant operator. His dependability has been a tremendous asset for a plant that operates 365 days a year.


Randy Warne – Chief Operator

Randy serves as the Water Treatment Plant Supervisor. With over 30 years of experience as Chief Operator, he oversees the water treatment facility and all aspects of drinking water treatment, including filtration techniques and compliance reporting to regulatory agencies. Randy is State-certified as a water operator and is cross-trained as a drinking water laboratory analyst.

Distribution System

Terry Stover 
Distribution Supervisor

Terry Stover, hired on in 1987, has been a permanent fixture here at Notla Water for the past three decades. Terry’s contagious energetic drive, his attention to detail, and his skills for prioritization have made him the perfect distribution supervisor. He has an uncanny ability to lay out the day’s work for the crew and complete it in the time allotted. Terry is also heading up the meter change-out program; ensuring that our customers have accurate and reliable meters to catalog the proper water usage. The most impressive trait, however, is that along with all his foreman duties, Terry can often be seen right in the middle of a muddy hole with the working end of a shovel, unafraid to get his hands dirty.

Kenneth Deyton

Kenneth Deyton has been with Notla Water since July, 1995. In addition to his maintenance and
distribution duties, Kenneth brings an impressive array of technical know-how to the team. His mechanical abilities, ranging from small engine repair to heavy equipment maintenance to welding, have saved the company untold amounts of time and money. Kenneth’s most important function with the company, however, lies with his booster pump and valve expertise. The water system’s geographical make-up and variations in elevation result in quite a few high pressure zones which cause a great deal of stress on the mechanical functions of valves and pumps. Having someone of Kenneth’s technical background has proven to be a boon for the company, as Is evident in the number of repair calls he answers, day or night, weekday or weekend, rain or shine.

Joey Colwell

Joey Colwell, hired on in 1997, has over 20 years of service with Notla Water’s maintenance and distribution team. He is our communications facilitator and, as such, handles all radio transmission issues at the main office as well as for all the fleet vehicles. Joey’s organizational skills make him an indispensable asset during our annual inventory events. Joey also assists with emergency locates of water lines by requests from local utilities and contractor/developers.

Wade Rogers

Wade Rogers, hired in March of 2008, has accrued 11 years of service with Notla Water. Wade, in addition to his maintenance and distribution duties, handles the emergency locates for the company. He is also our resident expert on the GPS/mapping program; a software program that allows Notla Water to geographically plot each and every water line, hydrant, valve, etc. within our water system.

Tommy Abercrombie

Tommy Abercrombie has been with Notla Water since June of 2015. He comes to us as a jack of all trades, with experience in building, welding, and operating heavy equipment. Tommy has spent the last couple of years learning the water business from the ground up, such as installing new water lines, searching for difficult-to-find water leaks in (often in the pouring rain), repairing broken service lines, weed control around wells and tanks, meter change-outs, and a slew of other water related duties.

Steve (Speck) Abercrombie

Speck Abercrombie joined Notla Water in September of 2017. He came to us with decades of experience in the water industry, specializing primarily with pump mechanics. He is an experienced heavy equipment operator. He is very capable and eager to help with any task at hand and is indispensable in the maintenance field.

Arlis Seabolt
Arlis is the newest member of the Notla Water distribution team. He has over 17 years of water-related experience. His high energy level and willingness to get the job done right makes him a tremendous asset to our maintenance department. He also has a great deal of knowledge and experience with submersible and turbine pumps and we count ourselves lucky to have him as part of our team.

Board of Directors

Stephen Allison – Chairman
Jason Henson – Vice Chairman
Jody Payne
Robert Rogers
Robert Henderson